Vocal Coaching and Vocal Production

After having received voice lessons for over 20 years, I’ve wanted to share my experience and knowledge with those who are looking to learn and discover more about their vocal abilities, and with those who simply want to brush up and shine a little brighter with their existing skill.  I’ve worked with and continue to work with new students from all walks of life, to professional musicians. It is an honor to support up and coming artists as well as established professional, musicians and producers.  Below are a few statements from artists I have worked with in the past.  I am currently booking vocal coaching sessions and vocal production sessions. For more information, please email me: marisaknowitall.bookings@gmail.com. -Marisa

“When I came to Marisa I had already recorded various albums and had extensive touring experience. I never thought I could find new ways or angles to my voice. Marisa is so skilled at finding and refining your strengths that she inspired me to improve! She is the best! And will forever be my vocal coach! I would trade her for no other!”

-Martha Gonzalez, Grammy Winner (lead singer, Quetzal)

“I highly recommend Marisa as a vocal coach. Working with her gave me a better sense of my vocal ability and breath control as well as the confidence to sing on stage.”

-Maya Jupiter (MC)

“Working with Marisa has helped me to uncover a whole new dimension of my voice. Her passionate encouragement yet focused persistence was just what I needed to breakthrough to new levels of my vocal expression.  In only a few sessions, she successfully singled in on my challenges and guided me towards proper technique and vocal maintenance as well as provided tremendous support during studio recording sessions.  I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and encourage you to do the same!”

-Marlene Beltran Cuauhtin (lead singer, Cuicani)

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