AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That’s how I’m feeling right now in this moment! We did it!!! YOU did it! A HUGE THANK YOU to: Lisa Rocha (www.ilaments.net), Pam Mendoza, Carlos Haro (http://casablancarestaurant.net) for donating items for our rewards and raffles!! Your support means the world!!

Thank you Tina Matilde and Art Meza for blogging, reposting and retweeting the MOST!

Thank you to the BIG donors: Fernando Acosta, Victor Flores, Jessica Allen, Pamela Mendoza, Vivian Panting, Mark Torres and Reyna Arthur!!!

Thank you Juan Guerra for donating your skills and time into putting together the video!!

Thank you to my Dad Jose Ronstadt and to my Husband Christopher Mendoza for coaching me through this process and giving me the best advice possible! I love you!

And most of all…THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for believing this project enough to pledge your hard earned money! I hope you enjoy the album and feel that you made a wise investment!!!

The mixing and mastering process is already underway! I’ll be listening to the mixes next week! As we move forward, updates will sent to you to let you know what’s coming next and when!

Have blessed weekend and thank you once again!

Abrazotes to YOU!



About Marisa Ronstadt

Chicana, Artivist, singer, song-writer, mother and wife. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, living in Los Angeles, CA since 2006.
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