Indie Pop-Soul Artist Marisa Ronstadt’s New CD

“Blueberry Moon” songs tell stories of love, motherhood, heartbreak and social justice, featuring Maya Jupiter

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: May 26, 2014

“As a singer Marisa has finesse and effortless power, a sort of Roberta Flack feel. As a songwriter, I enjoyed listening to her lyrics develop into visions that make us think, and dream.” –Professor Martha Gonzalez, Producer, and GRAMMY Award winning artist

Latina pop-soul singer-songwriter Marisa Ronstadt debuts her long awaited album “Blueberry Moon,” the first recording by Marisa Ronstadt and the Know-It-Alls, will be available on popular digital retailers on June 3rd. The 11-track album is soulful, at times bluesy, with pop ballads, and smooth R&B vocals. The songs, written by Ronstadt and guitarist Jeremy Keller, tell stories of love, motherhood, heartbreak, and social justice.

Marisa has been very present in the Los Angeles music scene for a number of years, performing as lead singer for the well-known Latin soul band Monte Carlo 76, collaborating with Turkish-Mexican rapper Maya Jupiter, and touring as a back-up singer with platinum recording artist Aloe Blacc. “Blueberry Moon” represents a new phase in Ronstadt’s music career, as her first project developed and recorded independently. She financed the recording with the support of her fans through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The album was produced by GRAMMY award winners Quetzal Flores and Martha Gonzalez of the East L.A. Chicano rock band Quetzal.

The recording includes a nod to L.A. legends Los Lobos, with a cover of their blues-rock hit “Will The Wolf Survive,” and gems like the Motown inspired feel-good song “Save Me,” plus three gritty interludes worth listening to. “The musicianship of Jeremy Keller on guitar, Alex Painter on bass, Evan Greer on drums and Alex Chadsey on keyboards is all class,” said Mark Torres at KPFK radio.

Marisa has been a performer from the age of seven, and comes from a talented family in Tucson, Arizona — she is the cousin of multi-platinum recording artist Linda Ronstadt — but her own moment has arrived, and this album begs listeners to take notice of the next Ronstadt generation!

La Opinion

Estos son de los discos alternativos que se gozan de inicio a fin. Marisa tiene una grandiosa voz, lo trae de familia: es prima de la conocida Linda Ronstadt. Esta es su primera producción y lleva un sonido en el que genialmente hace una mezcla de sonidos indie-pop con soul y blues. Ha sido clasificado en el género R&B/Soul, Chicano soul y Chicano rock. Fue producido por los ganadores del Grammy, Quetzal Flores y Martha González.

Marisa Ronstadt talks about Blueberry Moon
Posted on June 10, 2014 by Angel Aguilar
On June 1st, Marisa Ronstadt & The Know-It-Alls debuted their album Blueberry Moon at Eastside Luv in Boyle Heights in front of packed house.

The venue was filled with great energy and the voice and passion of Marisa Ronstadt was able to touch everyone in attendance.

At the end of the show we had the chance to chat with Marisa and here is an excerpt of our conversation:

Musica Roots: Tell us about the album name; Blueberry Moon, what does it mean?

Marisa Ronstadt: I named the album after my daughter Amaya. I was pregnant during the whole recording process and at some point she was the size of a blueberry and my husband started referring to her as a blueberry and it spread and everyone began to refer to the baby as blueberry and when we were recording the album, “beneath the blueberry moon was an ad lib and [producers] Quetzal and Martha said: “we are not getting rid of that, we are keeping it” and Quetzal suggested to name the album after her.

How did you get involved with producers Quetzal and Profesora Martha Gonzalez?

Martha and Quetzal also produced Montecarlo 76, which was my second album and I love them, in addition to working with them, they are also very good friends and it was just another opportunity to work with them.

What is the process when writing your music?

It’s funny that you ask that, living in L.A. I spend a lot of time driving on the freeways and a lot of the times songs came while I was stuck in traffic. A lot of the songs were written in the span of 3 or 4 years. “Freedom” came from [Arizona] SB1070 [immigration reform] and the racial profiling that was happening in Arizona at the time, being from Phoenix, AZ, it weighed heavily on me and first and second verse of that songs are true stories that happened in Arizona, so it’s all inspiration from real life.

My mother and father played all kinds of music in the house, they went from Pedro Infante to Marvin Gaye, The Beatles to Juan Luis Guerra, my sister and I were exposed to all types of music and were also part of dancing and singing group called “The Amigos” which included kids from 8 to 18, and lot of my inspiration came from my foundation which came from listening to all different types of music.

Blueberry Moon can be downloaded on i-tunes and streamed on Spotify. Marisa Ronstadt & The Know-It-Alls can be followed on facebook and their official website.

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